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All surgical/endoscopic procedures will be performed by an experienced, talented staff of medical professionals.

All physicians/surgeons and medical professionals who wish to perform surgery at The Surgery Center of Greater Nashua must be credentialed to gain privileges.

Providers currently credentialed for procedures include:



North American Partners in Anesthesia, 8 Prospect Street, Nashua, NH 03060 (603) 889-2624

  • Linda Caci, CRNA
  • James Chen, MD
  • Gary Friedman, MD
  • Jane Gill, CRNA
  • Marietta Hartt, CRNA
  • Steven Hattamer, MD
  • Alexander Lee, MD
  • Michael Magee, MD
  • Gregory Martin, MD
  • Michael Pedro, MD
  • Claudia Perez-Martin, MD
  • John Riddell, MD
  • Kate Riddell, MD
  • Marlene Santiago, MD
  • Lisa Saunders, MD
  • Pankaj Sikka, MD
  • Richard Steele, MD
  • Lisa Stryker, CRNA
  • Steven Tourangeau, MD
  • Paula Trigo-Blanco, MD
  • Peter Wertheimer, DO
  • Jeffrey Wiginton, CRNA
  • Karen Wiginton, CRNA
  • Lisa Wunderlich, CRNA


Ear, Nose & Throat


Obstetrics & Gynecology
Plastic Surgery